Electro Hydraulic E3000™

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    E3000 Lithotripter

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The Medispec E3000TM is an Electrohydraulic Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) system with one of the largest focal zones in the industry combine with high barpressure to effectively treatkidney and ureteral stones, offering the perfect combination of clinical performance, flexibility and affordability.

The E3000TM high voltage generator is based on spark-gap technology.  Shock waves travel through water and then to the effected area. The energy produced from the ignition of the electrode is reflected from the shock point to the stone. The recurring pressure on the stone leads to its fragmentation, with little to no damage to the kidneys and surrounding areas.

The E3000TM has consistently performed better in clinical tests than competing systems (FDA Key Clinical Data). It provides the highest stone free rate than any other system after 3 months.With a retreatment rate of less than 7%, over 3 times lower than some other systems, the E3000TM enables users to treat a greater number of stone patients with only one lithotripsy treatment.

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